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Sama Stone Group is one of the largest suppliers and producers of natural stones (block, slab and tiles). This trading group due to Iran’s advantage in quarry and processing of building stones as well as experience, science and skills of managers, shareholders and employees selected the path of stone industry.

S.S.G operates in Iran with direct support of 4 state of the art tile factories (25.000 M2 production per month) and 3 slab factories (20.000 M2 production per month) and 6 dedicated quarries Pietra Gray Marble, Karako Brown, Pearl Limestone, Golden Shadow, Paradise Marble and Grey Galaxy.

S.S.G has exported tiles, slabs and blocks of marble, travertine, onyx, granite, crystals and limestone to almost every country in the world. Sama Stone Group with its expert team and quality control staffs has succeeded to export their tiles and slabs to Spain, Cyprus, Turkey, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Russia, C.I.S countries, Qatar, Australia, India, Iraq UAE, Italy, Romania, Georgia, Canada and USA.

Sama Stone Group Resources

Sama Stone Group with the support of mentioned factories in varius Iranian and luxurious stones, as well as direct cooperation with Iran famous brands, including TOP Stone Group, SHAYAN Marble (RAAD Stone Factory), the SAYMAN Crystal (SAKHARA & AJIANEH Group) and MARJAN Stone (M.G.T), AKAM Factory and KEYRAD Stone Group has the capability of supporting any large international projects.

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Shayan Marble Tile and Slab

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